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Dean Workman 

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Facing Foreclosure or Power of Sale?

Are you Behind on your Payments?

Do you need help Fast?

Sale Date Set?

Worried about having a foreclosure on your credit score for the next 6 Years?  




From the desk of Dean Workman:

Dear friend,

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above, you need help with your current financial difficulty. I say “dear friend” because a few years ago, I was where you are now… embarrassed, frustrated, hounded by creditors, paranoid, defensive, angry. Wondering how it would end, whether I’d ever get ahead. Hating collecting the mail.

We tried everything. We sold off some of our belongings, tried working extra jobs, tried selling our home through conventional methods, but with each passing day, we were falling further into debt.

I refused to go down without a fight and chose to be creative and go in search of the solution. For us it was too late to do anything else but sell… Yesterday!!!  I searched for an investor who could pay cash for my home and close quickly.

By taking action, (along with a healthy mix of prayer) I found one. We agreed to a price, signed a contract and my problem was solved in 14 days!!!

The experience motivated me to become a researcher. After the dust settled and the wounds had healed, I spent hundreds of hours studying and interviewing experts on what can be done to help people facing what I had faced alone.

From all that, I developed a nine point report designed to inspire, motivate and help save people from foreclosure. It worked for me. It can work for you. Here are some snippets from the report.

  1. STOP the foreclosure process dead in its tracks. (in 90% of cases without bankruptcy, without an attorney)
  1. Modify the Terms… What??? You mean I can change the terms of my loan?
  1. SELL FAST!!! Most of us think that just because we list our home, it will sell quickly… It can happen but what’s the price if it doesn’t? And what can you do to MAKE SURE it does?
  1. Do Nothing! Doesn’t sound like much of an option, yet this is often the path many choose by default (no pun intended)... The problem with this “choice” is that IT WILL affect your credit score for up to SIX YEARS!!!


Yes,,, eight of my nine of my steps can save your financial life!

My information will stop the wolves from barking at your door…. Give you a chance to breathe, provide food for thought… help you put more money in your pocket…. Give you knowledge, control, confidence and peace of mind. How about a good night’s sleep ─ for a change? Here I am, my friend… at the end of the dark tunnel… shining a beacon of light back toward you, saying “C’mon, let me help you escape!”

Right now, you can find out all about my Foreclosure Report and access it for FREE, just by filling out a simple request via the link on this page.

If you need to SELL FAST,,, Simply click on the “Help Me Now” link and fill out the easy form… and Yes, you will also receive the Foreclosure Report, FREE... There is NO charge for access to this valuable information the only cost is your time, and that is nothing compared to what you could save… Go ahead and fill out the easy form so we can help save you from Foreclosure.

Regardless of how you feel right now, or what your situation is,  You Have Options.

You'll want to get help before it's too late, won't you? 

Please understand that time is critical. If you need to Sell your home FAST and want to get help now, simply click here and fill out your confidential application.

To contact your local representative now, click here.


 Kind Regards,

Expert information "What People won't tell you because they simply Don't Know"

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